What People Say

Meara is an incredibly talented individual and a master of all things marketing. She managed a massive undertaking involving complicated and detailed content writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing. Meara is responsible for publishing over 100 unique and original pieces of content backed by AI and extensive research for a 9-month project. Meara has an incredible insight into marketing understanding, and her skills are only paralleled to her exceptional multitasking abilities. I would strongly recommend Meara for any professional position and I am confident she will excel in anything she does. – Chelsey Chenoweth, Newport Capital LLC

Meara is a tremendous asset. She is reliable, smart, thorough, proactive, communicates clearly and she is a quick learner. I would highly recommend her to any business that wants to enrich their team with more talent. Out of the more than 100 freelancers I have hired, she is one of the best. – Daniel A., Client

Meara’s work quality was good and helpful in advancing our larger project. She understood the assignment and delivered in a timely fashion. We would consider using her again. – Bevan S., Client

Meara is a pleasure to work with. She always maintains a positive attitude, and is a true self-starter and collaborative team-player. Meara did a terrific job launching Invaluable’s blog and running the company’s content strategy during the two years we worked together. She enthusiastically took the reins on researching interesting topics and new angles for the blog, and developed great relationships with both content contributors and the experts she interviewed. She has excellent organization and time management skills, always meeting deadlines, keeping the editorial calendar updated and consistently reporting out on results. She is an excellent writer, a wonderful editor and a thoughtful and strategic colleague. I am confident Meara would be a wonderful asset to any content marketing team, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. – Colleen M., Invaluable

I had the pleasure of working with Meara for approximately two years during her time at Invaluable. During that time, Meara was a collaborative, innovative and team-oriented colleague, who was constantly brainstorming new ways to raise the profile and readership of In Good Taste, the Invaluable blog. Thoughtful, well organized and strategic in her daily work, Meara is a positive thinker whose upbeat demeanor is infectious. She is simply a joy to work with, and I would be delighted to work with her again in the future. – Amanda N., Invaluable

I worked with Meara for two years at Invaluable where she very capably and enthusiastically filled the role of Content Marketing Manager. Meara launched the content strategy at Invaluable and managed the blog. Meara swiftly takes on new projects and responsibilities with minimal oversight and actively seeks out new opportunities to grow the business through content. She excels in building relationships with content contributors inside and outside of the company and delivering content that aligns with customer acquisition goals. She has a great understanding of Invaluable’s readership and produces content for them at the necessary level of expertise and skill. Meara is a true pleasure to work with because she is thoughtful, fun, and driven. I highly recommend Meara for any content marketing role and hope I get the chance to work with her again. – Ashley M., Invaluable

It is very rare to come across a standout talent like Meara. I have had the pleasure of working with Meara for almost 2 years during her tenure as a client content writer on PYMNTS.com. I was particularly impressed by Meara’s ability to handle even the toughest assignments —and effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop amongst our content writers , but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Meara was a very valuable team player who will be very much missed and I can’t recommend her highly enough. – Daniella P., PYMNTS

I had the pleasure of co-supervising Meara Hamidiani during her tenure as a digital editorial intern at Boston magazine, and I can say without doubt that she was outstanding. She completed two internship terms with us, throughout both of which she showed herself to be a hard worker, thorough researcher, dogged reporter, and excellent writer. She was always game to tackle any project—she’s very go-to and cheerful in her attitude—even when grappling with topic areas well outside her experience. She’s got a real knack for readily picking up and understanding concepts and ideas, from cultural events around town to medical issues—a huge plus in any journalist. We were thrilled to be able to give her the chance to accumulate a number of well-earned bylines online, and look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in her coming years as a journalist in the digital realm. – Shannon F., Boston Magazine